What is Infertility?

  • Infertility means you try to conceive for one year and do not get result.
  • If newly married couple tries for conception 80% of female would get pregnancy with in one year.
  • For Infertility 40% male, 40% female and 20% both responsible.
  • Now a days, recent technology is very useful for infertility.
  • With the help of science dificult problems related infertility become very easy.
  • Focus to solve infertility means to findout and cure the reason behind infertility.
  • It is necessary to findout the reason of infertility of both male and female.
  • Blood reports, sonography and fallopian tube examination to investigate the cause of infertility in female.
  • Blood reports and seman reports to investigate the cause of infertility in male.

The leading cause of infertility in female

  • No follicle development or Irregular or poor follicle development.
  • Fallopian tube not able to transport the follicle and due to blockage or damang of tube.
  • Inner layer of uterus not able to accept embryo.
  • Cervix not able to pass the seman to uterus.
  • Other Problems – Endometriosis, Polycystic ovary, adhesions, Infectious disease.

The leading cause of Infertility in males

  • Difficulties in sperm production.
  • Less of sperm count or its motility.
  • More amount of abnormal sperms.
  • Very less amount of seman.
  • Infectious in seman.
  • Difficulties during natural inter course.
  • Physically or Mentaly problems of seman ejaculation.