How can I determine my “fertile” period ?
Your fertile period is the time during which having sex could lead to a pregnancy. This is the 4-6 days prior to ovulation ( release of a mature egg from the ovary). Women normally ovulate 14 days prior to the date of the next menstrual period. If you are mathematically challenged, you can use this free online ovulation calendar .
If Husband’s semen count is zero can I get pregnant?

Yes, sometimes in zero sperm count there might be some semen production going on test’s which we can take out with help of a needle and use it in IVF to give couple their own genetic child some times there might be production failure of sperm in that case couple has to go for donor sperm.

Is IVF compulsory for all?

No, in many cases after finding out proper reasons by reports you can get result through simple treatment like IUI and Tubal Cannulation. So right treatment with right doctor at right time is necessary.

Is pregnancy possible in case of both tubal blockage?

Yes, in test tube baby female eggs are taken out from female body with help of small needle under sonography bypassing both Fallopian tube and after developing direct embryo its transferred to uterine cavity directly.

Is test tube baby born twins or triplets only?

In test tube baby it is in our hand to make good quality of embryo but its development is in natures hand.
So we put 2 to 3 Embryo in womb of mother. So chances of getting pregnant is high, but at the same time chances of twin pregnancy or triplet pregnancy are also there.

Is there any high chances of abnormal babies born through IVF?

No, chances of abnormal babies as equal as natural pregnancy but couple going for IVF it self are having some problem in gametes leading to slightly more number of abnormal babies which would be same if they would have natural baby.

Is there any possibility to carry pregnancy after menopause?

In menopause there is no female egg development but uterus (mother’s womb) will start menstruating if given hormone from outside. So for pregnancy out of three things Husband’s sperm and uterus are there remaining one thing (Female egg) can be taken from donor women with help of IVF and patient can get their own pregnancy.

My husband and I, we are both healthy, and my periods are regular. However, we have still not conceived ! Please help !

it’s not possible to determine the reason until you undergo tests to find out
if your husband’s sperm count is normal;
if your fallopian tubes and uterus are normal;
if you are producing eggs. Only after undergoing these tests will your doctor be able to tell you why you are not conceiving.

My periods are irregular. Could this be a reason for my infertility

As long as the periods are regular, this means ovulation is occurring. Some normal women have menstrual cycle lengths of as long as 40 days. Of course, since they have fewer cycles every year, the number of times they are “fertile” in a year is decreased. Also, they need to monitor their fertile period more closely, since this is delayed (as compared to women with a 30 day cycle).

Test tube baby is for higher age couple only?

No, Test tube baby treatment it also done in case of both fallopian tube blockage, less sperm count in case of pcos. So don’t wait for log time
and start treatment on right time.